Solve your blockers now
to maximize development speed

SolveHub is the platform for solving development blockers as fast as possible.
Accelerated collaboration, better visibility, and optimized workflows to get things done.

Time is your most valuable resource.
Solve your blockers now. Not next week.

Solve your blockers faster to complete more work in less time.

Save time by reducing blockers and automating communication.

Unblock the 6 most important development blockers
with SolveHub as fast as possible

A stakeholder must decide on how to proceed.

Clarification from a developer or other team member is needed.

Work requires credentials, other access levels, or a new account.

Documentation is incomplete and needs clarification.

Code that should be working is not and needs additional debugging.

CI/CD pipelines are broken and aren’t shipping code into production.

Create blockers that get solved quickly with our best practices

Use workflows to have more time for development

Find solutions quickly with your team

Spot blockers and trends in your organization

Other tools cost time and velocity.
They are not made to solve blockers quickly.

Issue tracker

Team chat

Blockers stop development progress.
Take control and get more done.

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Free features for
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Enhance team productivity and collaboration.

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Most powerful plan for teams
of +100 developers.

Custom pricing

available on request.
Billed annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Yes, SolveHub replaces all tools that are used to solve blockers. Development teams currently jump between many tools to solve their problems. Blockers mix with many other notifications, take too long to get solved, and get forgotten. With SolveHub, you can be confident in solving all your development blockers as fast as possible.

SolveHub is currently in development. Join our waiting list to be among the first that get invited.

We take data security seriously at SolveHub. Our application is hosted in world-class data centers that are protected. The data centers are also EU safe harbor compliant.

Yes, SolveHub is GDPR compliant. We work closely with experts to ensure that your data is safe and our application is compliant with GDPR.

“I work in a remote team with developers from all over the world. For me, blockers have the biggest impact on my work. I can solve all technical problems myself. But I often need clarification or a decision from a stakeholder. That can take multiple days or weeks.”

Full stack developer

Rodrigo Medeiros

Full Stack Developer, Genvid Holdings Inc.

Solve your blockers now.
Not next week.